Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scarlet Fever and Furry Rodents

Yeah, it sounded like a downer, but it's really not!

Since Jonathan had to work this afternoon at his "third" job, the kids and I settled in for a movie afternoon. Every year when the weather begins to get colder, I pull out Little Women. It never fails to put me into the mood of fall cleaning and thinking ahead to preparing for the holidays. It also never fails to make me blubber like a baby... throughout the whole movie, in fact. But the worst part for me is during Beth's initial bout with scarlet fever, where Jo wakes up and rushes in to check on her. There is that split second where I see the empty bed, and even though I know the outcome, I hold my breath every time until I see Beth sitting up, and then the waterworks begin.

The older kids were already prepared for this yearly phenomenon, but it came as a bit of a surprise to Kate. She saw me crying and climbed up in my lap, asking, "Mommy, why are you crying?" I answered, "because Beth was sick, but now I'm happy because she's better."

Kate looked at me matter-of-factly and said, "Oh...she was sick and had a beaver."

I must say that she totally ruined the rest of the sad scenes for me. Anytime I started to cry I would think of that and begin giggling instead. But at least if I go back to the blubbering next year I'll know that there's a beaver to dam up all my tears.


Anonymous said...

I've got to admit - I have never seen the movie or read the books. I must be missing something!!! I'm afraid I would cry a river, too though. I cry at anything - especially Little House On The Praire.

Have a great Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh I cry through that movie too! I love how you make it a yearly tradition! You will never see that movie the same way again and always remember "beaver!"

xoxoxo Cat

תַּמְצִיתִ said...

That was too funny - a beaver :D I have not seen the movie, I read the books years and years ago..... I know my dd would love the books, it's a matter of getting them in this country... hmmmmmm.
Thanks for the chuckle, that was too precious!

Anonymous said...

I read the book but never saw the movie. I will have to have dh get the movie. I love your blog. Blessings, Betty-Jo (MIH)

Anonymous said...


I added your request to my prayer chain again this week. Hope that is alright. Please let me know if there is any change and if you want her to continue to be added weekly.