Friday, October 12, 2007

The Louisville Slugger Museum/ Old Spaghetti Factory

Wednesday we traveled to Louisville with our homeschool group. It was an absolutely perfect fall morning! We were so excited to get our jackets out, even though we found that Ben has outgrown his!

First we toured the Louisville Slugger Museum and watched them make the baseball bats. They described the different ones they made, as well as the processes for each of them. The kids' favorite "exhibit," though, was this ball glove made out of limestone. It was better than a jungle gym!

I'm not sure what Lily was pointing at, but she said she felt like she was hiding in a cave.

Kate was not feeling her best that day, but she still managed a quick smile for her mama!

A rare shot of Ben actually using the bat as it was intended before deciding it worked wonderfully as a sword.

After the tour, we walked a few blocks over to the Spaghetti Factory. I love walking in downtowns, especially with the weather being as cool as it was. We walked over with another family that has a son around Ben's age. Their conversations were just too precious! Here's a snippet...

Wow! What's that?
Hmm...I think that looks like abstract art.
Well, I don't think it looks like art at all.
Oh, well, it's not supposed to.

LOL! Then they spent most of lunch dreaming up their own company, which included coordinating their "schedules". I just love boys!

We didn't have time to go home before church that night, but I am so glad we went on anyway...we had five new boys show up for our Wednesday night service. Two of them were brand new Christians that had attended Bible school last week. They were all very well-behaved for me.

It was a pretty exhausting day, but it hasn't taken us too long to recuperate! We're in full "fall mode" now, cleaning and switching out our seasonal clothes. We also have company coming this weekend and a special dinner to celebrate Kate's birthday from last week. Now that I think about it all...I better hop to it!


Anonymous said...

Ok - I miss reading your blog!!! Now that I have bloglines, I will submit your RSS feed so I can read daily!!!

How are you? Seems like things are moving right along. Great photos!


Anonymous said...

:O) Just now seeing this! We had such a wonderful day there with y'all!!!

xoxo Cat

Sallie said...

I miss KY!! Loved reading through a bit...

God bless,
Sallie (another one of those crazy...)