Friday, May 2, 2008

Things that make me smile

A few "thingish things" from the past couple of days:

A girl needs accessories, right?

Warm, made from scratch, strawberry-banana muffins. (And of course, "help" making them!)

A gift from a sweet friend! A little desk for Kate to do her "school" work at while the older two are doing theirs.

The breeze from the concussion- er.....merry-go-round...

Just living it up in the sunshine!

Sisterly love.

And, of course, certain boys that stay on the go so much that the only pictures their mothers can get are of various blurry arms and legs!


Anonymous said...

Your babies have grown! They are adorable. Thanks for sharing these wonderful smiles with us. Have a blessed weekend.


Anonymous said...

What is Jonathan's favorite "handmade" website?
We're looking for a graduation gift and wanted to go
along with your "handmade pledge". Go green!

Anonymous said...

Your little ones are cute as ever! Love checking in to see new postings.

Anonymous said...

Those things made me smile too! :D