Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that as I've been neglecting my own blog, I've been neglecting others' as well. Now that the kids can get outside and play in the sunshine, I'm taking some "playtime" of my own to get caught up on my favorite blogs, as well as some new ones. I was particularly motivated yesterday by this post on "Top 10 Ways to Downshift" from Becoming Domestic. In the process of packing up my maternity clothes and items my kids had outgrown to pass on to friends and family, I was...well, just plain downright ashamed of how many things we have accumulated over the years!

For me, I became so excited over getting a "good deal" on something that I picked it up without thinking about whether we truly needed it or not. And once I had found the places where I could pick up "good deals," I visited them regularly so that I wouldn't miss anything! But now I look at everything I'm giving away and I realize how much I've truly missed. I've missed time with my family that I've spent sorting and organizing all these items that I thought I needed. By spending this time out and about, I've missed the satisfaction of being at home, knowing that everything was running smoothly.

And, of course, I've missed the sanity that disappears whenever I begin dragging three young children in and out of the car...

So what to do? Well...for starters, you might notice the "I took the handmade pledge" button on the sidebar. I believe this will be a positive step for our family for a couple of reasons. The first is that buying homemade teaches us a new useful skill. (Or it supports someone else who can.) The other reason is that if I take the time to make something I am much more likely to need it and use it. I won't make yet another item of clothing if we aren't in need of any, I can make something we need instead!

Like a chocolate cake...

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