Friday, September 21, 2007


We are certainly looking forward to the weekend here! I thought I'd help you get your weekend started off on the right foot with some funnies from Lily.

We attend a homeschool co-op twice a month, and Lily is taking a writing class there. This past assignment was on the Statue of Liberty. I was telling her that I had been, but hadn't walked up to the top. She cocked her head thoughtfully and said, "Well, they probably don't let people up there because they don't want them to knock off the nose. It's really heavy."

Yesterday, Lily was in the kitchen with me while I was cooking. She said, "Wow, mom, you look like a real chef!" I laughed and told her that maybe I would be one when I grew up. She gave me the typical Lily eye-roll and told me I was already grown up, and I pretended to be all upset over this little announcement. We argued back and forth for a while before she finally said, "It's okay, Mom, grown-ups are just little kids who already know how to drive!"

And then, my favorite...

Lily was very energetic yesterday, and I told her I was going to start calling her Tigger. I started explaining, "you know...because Tigger always jumps all over Rabbit..."

She looked at me with a perfectly straight face and said, "Rabbit's grumpy." Hmm...I sure hope that was an observation and not an accusation!

Here's Lily last month at my best friend Kim's wedding:


Anonymous said...

Those are very cute Lily-isms.
Thanks for your comment on my blog - I really liked the helpdesk video and I'm glad you liked Corner Gas. We love Corner Gas because it's funny and full of "Canadian-isms" - I hope the American audience can pick up on some of them!

Laura said...

HA! That's funny! I especially love the "grown ups are big kids who know how to drive." Ethan gave Daniel a "driving lesson" orally the other day. It was interesting and went something like this: "You use your keys to turn on the car. Then, you turn the driving thing. And you stop when the light is red. And that's how you know how to drive!" Hmmm. If only it was all so easy!
P.S. Love the new site!

Anonymous said...

I love your new site. :)

Thanks for visiting, stop in anytime.

I love that picture of your little girl.

Michigan Mom2three said...

Oh honey - you should write those down! (Oh wait - I suppose you already did!). She is hilarious! What a hoot! I love the rabbit comment....